“Thank you so much for your time. I look great and feel confident. Your advice is invaluable”

Helga, London

“Esohe was great. I loved that she pushed me into trying new styles and colours that I hadn’t considered before and introduced me to new labels that I don’t normally wear”.

Thomas, London  (Menswear)

Esohe was very friendly and polite. We did the colour test and she provided me some useful advice but also went beyond that. We had a discussion around my fears of wearing a certain type of outfit and she gave me some valuable advice on how to overcome my perception. Esohe was confident and very passionate throughout the consultation. As mentioned above she listened and showed good understanding and enthusiasm about what she was doing.

Nadine, London

Thank you so much for the sessions. I had a great time going through the body shape & clothing and the colour sessions and learned a lot about myself. The sessions reminded me how important it is in today’s world to know, maintain and promote our personal and professional image and style. I would recommend your service to anyone seeking a personal style adviser and will tell my friends about you. Thank you.

Vanessa, London (Financial Consultant)

She was great at making me feel comfortable from the moment I opened my front door to her. She came across as very warm and friendly, and I didn’t feel like she was going to judge me for my awful fashion choices. I think this was really important given that the session obviously involved getting dressed in front of her. By the point this part came around, I was completely comfortable. Eso was really knowledgeable and I noticed the difference when I was getting ready to go to work the following morning after the consultation as my wardrobe was organised in a much better way, and I didn’t have to spend hours staring at it to decide what to wear. It is over a week since my consultation and I am yet to wear one of my boring ‘go-to’ oufits that I always used to wear and she gave me the confidence to be able to be a bit more adventurous in matching my clothes/accessories/shoes etc.

 Sim, London (Social Worker)